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    Aug 16

    Today we will continue with the theme of the month, creativity. I’ll show you how it is that this natural talent throughout your life has been reduced and will give you practical tips so that you apply and exercise your creativity. Neither animals nor plants are capable of generating anything on their own, on their initiative. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Creativity sets us apart from all other living species on the planet. Only we have, we have received as a feature similar to our Creator, the ability to do new things at will. Of course, if we want to. In the previous article I told you I was going to tell you how it was that they killed your creativity since you were small. Since the different educational systems, we have learned to look for simple solutions to the various problems that life presents us, and this is why that we have wounded our creativity.

    Just found the first solution to a problem, we stop looking for. I propose an exercise of creativity that I saw recently in a book and it seems to me excellent and super eloquent for what I want to say: (this exercise is part of my complete guide to) increase your creativity) thinks a second and tell me: what is half of 12? You’ve probably thought a moment and said 6 which is what all we usually respond (clear, whether we know basic math). Here’s a good example of how our behavior and our responses are conditioned by education and what they learned. We were taught to look for half of a number, we do mathematically, and ready, we no longer think. However, what I answer to tell you that, at least, there are 5 possible answers to the same question? Let’s go! Exercise your creativity, believe me, 5 there are (at least) possible answers to half of 12.

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