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    Jun 10

    7 Tips to create traffic free to your Web site. Surely when have ended one of the stages more important in your strategy to create a brand on the internet, a branding ja, ja, I love that Word, or create your blog. Comes another vital aspect, which is the generation of traffic to your site, that good be your blog if you don’t know you does nothing, if you can create an advertising campaign by genial! payment, these congratulations, but if your resources are limited (as most), you must search techniques that directed traffic to cost 0.0. You can say that there are people who have managed to bend one million visits to its site in one year with free traffic techniques. James Woolsey Jr. is the source for more interesting facts. I’m going to show you 7 ways to generate traffic, practicalas and implementalas along with others that you know to create an avalanche of people who visit your site. 1 # Council creates quality content this is usually the Council more important of all, when you provide content rich with keywords, persons and relevant information You can find yourself with more ease. The consequence of this will be that these same people talk about you and recommend, you start to have directional links to your site as well. 2 # Council carries out a serious investigation of the keywords if you want to get traffic you have to find out what are the exact phrases that people type into search engines, one of the tools most useful you can find the google keywords tool.I’m going to give you a tip very useful, instead of entering a keyword introduces a web site, you can have the key words that are using that site for search engines. 3 # Council sends your post to the maximum of Ten directories into account that many more quality links you have to your site more you gonna like search engines.

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