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  • Common Mistakes In The Process Of Medical Information 1

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    Jan 26

    There is a clear gap in medical education as the transmission of information is concerned. It instructs us to the descendants of Hippocrates in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, but are not they realize that to try and diagnose it is a human being, a subject, and as it should be conveyed information about their sufferings and on what to do for health care. The problems in reporting the pacientea may be several: 1) The doctor leaves infected by the anxiety of pacientea and throughout the proliferation of fantasies about his diagnosis and treatment, so that is quick, sometimes driven by the rush of the patient, sometimes by their own. Thus, it is sometimes possible complicacionesa advance the patient's disease has not yet happened, and may not ever happen, or communicate diagnostic unconfirmed suspicions. In this respect, caution must ask our medical colleagues.

    One tip is to always be behind the patient not before: we must follow him, strictly to answer the questions he makes, and not give more information that is material to its already large fantasies about the process of becoming ill. 2) Defensive medicine. We call defensive medicine to a phenomenon of this century, with which we have to tell. To those who love medicine and want the best for the patient, gives us some sadness to see that some physicians advocate of patients suffering beings who seek healing us of their suffering, but not only that, human love, they want to have another life beyond their illness.

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