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  • Colt Shadoglass

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    Mar 26

    Colt international requirements for the entire area, the colt with glass panels for the weather and sun protection to assemble, amounted to approximately 1,820 m m. The residents should have the possibility in the arcades and Loggias at any time via manual control for ventilation or for Sun to provide. A total Colt was 4,087 glass louvers. 1,958 Units are movable, 2.129 piece are fixed and at the same time serve as a balustrade. The horizontally mounted glass panels height 300 mm, the width varies between 1310 and 1,800 mm. Under the grounds of the X-TU, a brisk underground traffic there is, therefore, the complex was placed on vibration dampers. For the system of colt, this meant that it had to be able to absorb this vibration stress-free. In addition, a “Lifecycletest” with regard to the stability of the facade was mandatory. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek.

    This test looks for 10,000 opening and closing operations without complications. The test was by the Centre scientifique et technique you performed Batiment (CSTB) in Grenoble and was without problems. The system worked After 10,000 cycles just as reliably as at the beginning. Glass plate system Shadoglass for the X-TU 1820 sqm of glass panels were fitted to the object. Colt sat Shadoglass LS4 “light” for Sun protection and ventilation by means of glass plates on his tried and tested product. Shadoglass is an innovative and elegant system for shading facades. In automatic execution are the individual slats out the Sun’s position automatically. Depending on the material the fins and the corresponding absorption and reflection ability Shadoglass has a different effect on the Sun.

    This, the absorbed heat is not delivered to the interiors. In the X-TU, plates were installed, which can be opened by the residents at any time via hand crank and trapezoidal spindle. In close cooperation with the architects a new system designed by specialists in the Colt that consistently meets all previously mentioned technical requirements. Another major advantage of the Shadoglass is the creative diversity fins. The system can be with all conceivable Decor printing or change visually by means of a laminated films. For the X-TU architects developed an independent design and let the glass plates printed with five different patterns. Printed glass panels provide in the summer a perfect sunscreen partially printed fixed and movable glass louvers provide weather and sun protection total 398 units in the masses of about 1.5 m x 2.7 m were installed at the end. Each unit consists of four rigid and five moveable glass louvres. The moving blades can be opened manually for daily ventilation and closed to the Sun. For the fins LSG panes were used as material, previously – printed as mentioned – according to the designs of architects in five different decors. M total 4.075 glasses in 38 different dimensions on an area of approximately 1,350 m were used. The printed glass ensures a perfect sunscreen in the summer and offering the possibility of individually manageable ventilation a excellent climate. At closed fins, the Loggias can be transformed during the cold season to winter gardens. The facade with the Colt Shadoglass system not only meets all technical requirements, but is also a highly aesthetic experience up close and from afar. Even if the fins of the residents repeatedly be brought in other positions and the facade this changed constantly to the overall impression but harmonious.

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