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    Oct 2

    As statistics show, the kitchen faucet – a tireless worker, he is daily open and close hundreds of times, whether you are preparing food, wash dishes if you are, so the first requirement, which is presented to him – reliability. Well, of course, easy for the hostess. And the design and layout, which is now so diverse, that allow you to select mixers of all shapes and sizes. The first thing to decide – as you prefer regulate pressure and temperature of the water: with or faucets. Here, everything is very individual, and universal prescriptions do not exist. Many housewives choose dvuhventilnye mixers because that are used to them, it's traditional design of our kitchens. e of information. Besides dvuhventilnye taps very well fit into the classic interiors, saves water flow and accurately adjust its temperature. > by clicking through.

    Mixer is also quite confidently take root in our kitchens. Their main trump card – ease of use – all settings can be done with one hand a light lever. Much the same variety of models makes it virtually universal for any style to your kitchen. Buying kitchen faucet pay attention to the spout. Usually spout kitchen faucet easily rotated around the axis, its shape quite diverse: traditional straight, arched, which allows you to conveniently pour the water into a high capacity.

    Some have Spouts exhaust funnel, which allows you to conveniently wash fruits and vegetables, the very surface cleaning and filling water buckets or vases, put them not into the sink. Some advanced models allow you to equip the sink taps at the window. In this mixer design allows lower it into the sink, and prevents from opening window. In other models of mixers provide an additional tip for drinking water. In principle, the fantasies of modern design has no limits: now you can buy mixers with switching the water supply to washing machine or dishwasher, tall with flexible spout faucets and shower heads with a set of modes of water supply: a massage jet, soft flow, sensor faucets, without leverage, which serves water at the time of presentation to hand to tap.

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