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    Sep 30

    As is known, the history of business development in Russia is quite complicated. First, those who wanted to have his case, had to contend first with the government, then mob. For obvious reasons, it's not the best way affected the pace of development. It so happened that the very small firms, who now work in offices of glass and concrete a very long time working on the basics of sweatshops, serving a relatively small number of customers. At that time, about any establishment of such a department as a call-center also was out of question.

    With a small volume of paper production copes and two – three secretaries. And about any of the vast customer bases Likewise, nobody even thought of. But eventually things began to change. The arrival of western trends largely caused as the emergence of many realities. Many of them use so to speak on the Russian open spaces was not something that disadvantageous, as ridiculous and even stupid. But the appearance of such departments as the call-center in a variety of organizations, where required working with large customer bases, such a course impossible to say. And if the main essence of innovation call centers has been copied in a Russian reality quite right and proper, the very execution of this idea is still far from ideal. But even so, with the main its functions and responsibilities Russian call centers coping well.

    While some organizations understand the essence of their work is not quite right, too complicating professional activity operators. For example, if we talk about the basic functions of this department of the organization, as call-center – it is primarily communicating with customers. Equally important will have a call center yet, and because each call to the company – this is another opportunity to earn. And consequently, it should not be missed because the phone number was busy. No less important is the value of the call center as a source of information. The fact is that from this again will depend on company profits. After all, if the customer is not satisfied with Information provided by the support he can apply to competitors. Another important function call tsentrvov – is their ability to be tools for a wide variety of sociological research, interviews and surveys. Moreover, if the firm is necessary to obtain information such plan, it can use as your own call-center, and to use the services of independent organizations. Independent call centers – is another innovation, which in recent years has become especially widespread. Their main functions and tasks are somewhat different from those who perform such offices as the call-center, working in a large organization. The difference is primarily in the fact that the independent call centers are working not just operators, owning any certain amount of information. In these departments are working very real telemarketologi who are professionals in their various polls. In addition, organizations such as independent call-center exercise tasks such as sociological research, paid surveys, questionnaires. And if that is the wish client, a professional social scientists can produce and direct analysis of its results. Of course, with orientation on a practical problem posed by the client.

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