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  • Brussels: Hub For Persecuted From The Middle East

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    Apr 21

    Amnesty International continues with the action ‘A face for freedom’ for human rights in the Iran a before the European Parliament in Brussels are remnants of the Berlin wall being torn down. Two meters wide, four meters high wall remains very stable concrete feet are lined up over the whole front of the building complex rhythmically with gaps in between. Through rush photographing tourists, but a lot more politicians and students from all over Europe. On the Thursday, Nov 12 take time to smile. On the Luxembourg Centre before the symbolic remnants of a failed dictatorship, five volunteers from Amnesty International before a table and are competing for attention for the people who oppose a current dictatorship. Passers-by are asked for the freedom of to photograph people in the Iran with a smile. What can I do? \”ask the determined immediately when they are asked to support the action.

    Then you are A face alone, as a couple or as a group with a sign for freedom in Iran\”in the hand and look into the camera. The some more cautious keep a hand in the camera instead of her face, to show solidarity in their own way with the people in the Iran. Some rush to appointments and smile in passing. As a whole \”, says Lydia B., organiser of the action in Brussels, I am very impressed by the many people who are stopped and in the Iran with their photo to speak to courage the peaceful protesters. The many young people who were informed very well about the conditions in the Iran were particularly what has pleased me.\” Within two hours, over 250 faces into the box came earlier in Venlo, Amsterdam and Antwerp. These faces are placed next to each other on posters and published on various Web pages (www.amnesty.be//www.insideofiran.com), which are accessible from the Iran.

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