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    Mar 12

    This document was emitted by the Ministry of the Education in the year of 2007, which is presented by the President of the Republic Incio Luis Lula da Silva, who affirms that the PDE was constructed ' ' in tone of dialogue with the society and mainly with educadores' '. But so that a dialogue occurs is necessary a colloquy between the involved parts, so that both can enter in a consensus. However the government did not hear the society, therefore this document was launched without being analyzed by the educators so that the necessary alterations were carried through. Go to crowne plaza rosemont for more information. The president also confuses seriously the measures proposals for government, with one educational politics, being that educational politics nothing more is of what a national plan for the education, which would have as main function to show the objectives that would have to be reached by the educational area, what it leaves in them more clearly than what Brazilian educational politics for the President of the Republic is called as, if deal with only governmental measures. The document also presents at diverse moments the education as being a solid way so that the social equality occurs. However as he can be observed in elapsing of the course, on the basis of the authors who we study, do not have as not to exist social inaqualities, due to the problem of the structural unemployment, therefore the theory of the Human Capital, brought for the PDE, was discarded the decades. The conception of education that inspires the elaboration of the PDE if bases on the conception of Durkheim, that is considered the father of sociology, therefore it is the first one to say on the relation between education and society, affirming that all individual must pass for a dialtico process, which consists of the socialization process (homogenization of the individual), but at the same time it has that to create an individuation (heterogeneidade) so that each one assumes its role in the society, standing out that from this process one of the objectives of the education, the autonomy, he will be materialize. . .

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