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    Dec 12

    China’s TiO2 market opened new opportunities for the industry with its many years of experience in market research in China CCM, a Chinese consultancy, a series of market reports, newsletters and trade information in connection with the TiO2 industry brought out. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. Including the latest version of China’s TiO2 industry market reports. The report focuses on the opportunities and chances in China’s titanium dioxide industry, with the aim to reflect the latest development stage of China’s TiO2 industry and to predict the future possibilities of the entire industry based on a deep analysis. We hope some good recommendations to give businesses the TiO2 industry, manufacturers, suppliers, and investors with interest in the TiO2 industry. China is not only for 2011 world net exporter of TiO2, but also the largest producer of TiO2. It is so worth to keep the momentum and the future prospects for the industry in the eye. The report gives you a comprehensive view of China TiO2 industry.” Says Mr Wu Zhonghui, Managing Director of CCM. The report consists mainly of three parts: method and definition, chances, opportunities and strategies.

    Some valuable findings in the report are highlighted, including the TiO2 market situation in China, the supply situation of titanium ore, the taste of belly of TiO2 and the price trend, development of the chloride-process technology in China, as well as the potential of the market. Opportunities and opportunities”CCM provides a detailed analysis of the emerging markets around the world, the future demand of TiO2 and future economic prospects in developing countries, the supply situation of titanium resources, production methods and technologies for TiO2, etc. Here, CCM will indicate the opportunities of the industry with insightful recommendations. So that interested parties can learn more about China’s TiO2 industry, CCM will participate in the Summit of TiO2 on the 02.05.2013 in Barcelona. During the meeting, CCM will give an introduction to the chances of China TiO2 market. We believe that this is an excellent opportunity for the TiO2 industry and Investors is to obtain a better understanding of the TiO2 market.

    At the same time we forward, exchanging views on the TiO2 industry with experts from around the world.” Says Mr. Wu. In addition, CCM will hold a Webinar on the opportunities in China’s titanium dioxide industry on the 14.05.2013 which will provide additional insight into the TiO2 industry in China. Over CC, CMM is specialized in market research in China, the Asia Pacific region and the global market. With dedicated and highly qualified staff of more than 150 CCM market data, analyses, reports, newsletters, buyer dealer offers information on import/export analysis and consulting services.

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