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    Mar 11

    All of them depended on Nimrod and knew very little about Satan, and therefore always followed his own will. Betrayed by Nimrod Satan realized their error with respect to the faithful servants of Nimrod, and began to systematically prepare for its destruction. But only in preparation, assessing their strength, Satan realized that he had lost too much time, trusting in his time Nimrod: the power is in most parts of the world, except in Asia Minor did not belong to him – Satan, and Nimrod. Archangels, willingly gave their time in power in the hands of Satan, but actually gave it into the hands of Nimrod, the directions of the Queen of Heaven (God) refused to support Satan and provided an opportunity The Dark Forces by fighting among themselves for power. Seeing that the archangels too unreliable allies, who may at any time to move on to the enemy, Nimrod at the same time decided to do away with their power to destroy beyond their area of people's faith in God. For this, he begins to help develop a new direction in philosophy – materialism, trying to implement through their philosophers throughout Europe materialistic doctrine. According to the plan Nimrod materialism was supposed to gradually supplant the religion and faith in Jesus Christ, and thus does not allow Satan in the guise of Jesus Christ to become rulers of the world. Nimrod eventually intended solely to create one a single state in the world with a totalitarian regime, which will govern the cruelty that generates fear above all to his master Nimrod, and afterwards to the suffering and death. .

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