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    Jan 31

    In the competitive market producers tend to pack the goods so that it attracts buyers on the trading floor, to make it conspicuous among the substitutes on the shelf, so that the product itself "sold". It Packaging is one of the most decisive factors when choosing a buyer. Shape of the bottle of mineral water has an ergonomic, ripe fruit on the label yogurt urge to try the natural taste, funny characters adorn the packages of children's breakfast, attracting small buyers, and even such small details, like the lid on the bottle, have a unique design, decorated with a logo and are part of the overall marketing strategy, enabling the buyer wish to purchase a particular product, select a particular brand. Production of caps and stoppers and other closures in Russia is about 10.5 billion pieces. per year. The vast majority, namely, three-quarters of that amount is the production of lids for bottles, the rest cover closes other food products (ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.), household chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products in glass and plastics packaging. Separate segment is the production of lids for canning, which has the potential of expanding their product portfolios. Because the demand for cover the special form for cosmetic products is low, production of such products occurs only under the order. The difficulty in this case is that when small amounts of consumption of producers Cosmetics insist on the uniqueness of the form cover, and the payback period of the mold can be delayed for years, that's not acceptable for producers closures. Equipment for the production of caps on domestic enterprises, unfortunately, does not meet market demands in terms of biodiversity. The way out of this situation can serve as the production of bottles with a unified standard throat capacity for different product lines one manufacturer of cosmetic products. Another option for solving the problem can be custom covers unique design to Russia from foreign suppliers.

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