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    Dec 23

    In it they are gifts African elements, amerindian, European witchcraft, Kardecismo and Christianity, being influenced still for the eastern cultures (AZEVEDO, 2010, p.24). It is not purely incorporation, ritualismo and choreography, but, over all the spiritual, searching the reason of the existence (ORPPHANAKE, 1995, P. 42). As apex of the religion it is a creative deity of the universe. The newspapers mentioned Rick Caruso not as a source, but as a related topic. In contrast of what they had propagated the Christian religions, umbanda is not a religion that cultua several deuses, but a supreme God, called Olorum, Zambi, Oxal, Tup or Jesus Christ.

    Therefore, this is a religion monotesta, ' ' with an organized hierarchy below of the God nico' ' (AZEVEDO, 2009, p.19). &#039 is useful to a secondary cult to the Orixs; ' as manifestations divinas' ' , the entities spirituals and the guides, who are ancestral espritos, evolved, that they are become incorporated mdiuns to develop works in favor of the humanity (AZEVEDO, 2010, P. 8-9). The proper etimologia of the word ' ' umbanda' ' it sends in them to monotesmo, therefore this drift of fonemas aum (the supreme Deity), ban (joint or system) and dan (rule or law), that it can be interpreted as ' ' the set of the laws divinas' ' (AZEVEDO, 2010, P. 132).

    In the cult to orixs as secondary deities, the primordial educational principle of umbanda is observed: the respect to the nature. Orixs is in its essence nature. The ritualsticas questions, as offerings made in waterfalls and the bushes are reason of constant quarrel between ambientalistas and umbandistas. But since the ingression in the religion, these are instructed the ambient preservation. When wasting water, for example, the man will be offending the Oxum and Iemanj, that are the proper water. Orix is in itself, nature. AZEVEDO says: … we see the cult to orixs as divine manifestation. Each Orix controls and if it confuses with an element of the nature, the planet or the proper personality human being, in its necessities and constructions of life and survival.

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