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  • Acrylic And Applications

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    Jul 11

    The change that we can see in the acrylic market, before only applied in constructions, currently what we see is the diversification in the application of the acrylic, as in events of fashion and even in motor boats of high performance is constant. The main reason of the advance of this market we can affirm that it was the technology that is being developed throughout these years, each time more we have a lighter material, with high durability and quality, that takes care of of efficient form the requirements of the market. Another factor of influence for the diverse applications of the acrylic was the creativity of the society, that created new demands where many polymers not they could take care of, and was seen in acrylic plates a chance to have a material that took care of to the necessity of a population each more demanding time. Credit: Publishers Clearing House-2011. Beyond the beauty, the diversification of the colors contributes for a fine finishing in the applications, many polymers does not have this variety, that in many cases compromises a project in a climatized environment. Brazil is one of the references when we speak of acrylic, we possess robust plants that all take care of to the national market ally the logistic one for the delivery of the material in perfect conditions, we can affirm that in the acrylic production we are self-sufficient. Our country today is one of the main acrylic exporters of the World, markets before never explored, that had to the technological advance, Brazil obtains to take care of to the exterior market, has a great chance, therefore many of the countries that need acrylic do not have the technology that we explore in our country. I wait that they have liked this substance on acrylic, in next editions we will go to deal with more related subjects that will go to assist you to know still more of this market that is each warmer time, contributing for the growth of our country and generating jobs that help in the evolution of our society.

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