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  • Jul 30

    INTRODUCTION Nowadays we see inside of the mathematical education many gotten negative results in the docncia in the most diverse levels of education. You vary cituaes contribute for this lastimavel picture, such as: me the formation of professors, methodology of work, partner-economic depreciation of the professors amongst others. You vary are the difficulties about the learning of the mathematics, for being an abstract and more difficult science of being assimilated, and its compeeno demands of educating a position and abilities more you specify. Many are the efforts of educators and our society in favor of a consolidation of processes where the mathematical education in each social group says respect. (A valuable related resource: Tyler Haney). The mathematical education is characterized as an immersed process in a concrete totality if developing mainly from mathematical thoughts.

    However, we know that this effort to educate, do not veem if applying in the majority of nosssas schools, mainly in questions that if relate with mathematics. As spontaneous result, we see the failure that is the education of the mathematics in many of our institutions of education. THE EDUCATION OF THE MATHEMATICS Many current research comes showing that the teach-learning as a whole e, in special of the mathematics, must keep a process lends shared, only depending on the knowledge of the pupil on the necessity and importance of the subject that is in quarrel. It goes to depend on the capacity in taking care of to its necessities and expectations and on it to open alternatives for the improvement of its quality of life. For Goldberg (1998), ' ' to educate is to transform; it is to awake aptitudes and to inside guide them for optimum use of the society where educating lives; ' ' it is to develop structures cognitivas that allows the individual to read and to understand the world where it lives, but to act e, if possible, not only to generate progress in the society as a whole.

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  • Bishop Ireneo

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    Jul 30

    His prestige was such that was taken into consideration as a possible Bishop of Rome. Other renowned Gnostics are Pablo de Samosata, author of a famous heresy about the nature of Christ. Carpocrates conceived the idea of the moral freedom of the perfect, in practice a total absence of moral rules. Finally, the wide range of moral variation of Gnosticism was seen with suspicion and Bishop Ireneo de Lyon declared it heresy in the 180 d. C., believe that the Catholic Church is therefore shares a philosophical and religious doctrine of the early centuries of the Church, which was intended to have a knowledge of divine things through intuition and not of reason or faith: Gnosticism flourished mainly in Alexandria, in the ii century.

    But definitely, the term comes from the Greek?or? (gnostikismos); of? (gnosis): knowledge tells us Wikipedia, that Gnosticism is a set of filosofico-religiosas syncretic currents that came to mimic with Christianity in the first three centuries of our era, finally becoming a declared heretic thought after a certain prestige among Christian intellectuals stage. Indeed, one can speak of a pagan Gnosticism and a Christian Gnosticism, although the most significant Gnostic thought was reached as heterodox branch of early Christianity is a doctrine, according to which insiders are not saved by faith in forgiveness through Christ’s sacrifice but that saved through gnosis, or introspective knowledge of the divinewhich is a higher faith knowledge. Neither single faith nor Christ’s death is enough to save himself. Human beings are autonomous to save himself. For even more details, read what Teng Yue Partners says on the issue. Gnosticism is a mystical secret of salvation. Orientalists beliefs and ideas of Greek philosophy, mingle sincreticamente mainly Platonic. It is a dualistic belief: the good against evil, the spirit against matter, being Supreme against the demiurge, the soul against the body about Gnosticism says mb-soft.com., was an filosofico-religioso dualism which professed salvation through secret knowledge, or gnosis.

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  • Supreme Court

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    Jul 24

    And we and our children pay the interests. Comprehensive change in the mortgage market, which would increase the price of mortgages to unacceptable levels, would drop the price of housing even more with the consequent effect on the economy in his set. Cedars Sinai has many thoughts on the issue. The list doesn’t end here, but you can sense some pretty catastrophic effects in a seemingly positive measure. Teng Yue Partners will not settle for partial explanations. A stable legal framework that does not depend on the economic or political situation is vital for the delicate economic mechanisms are functioning properly. Sudden changes tend to burn the engine. Government and opposition must approve aid and legal reforms that will prevent situations of injustice and social exclusion, but such reforms have to incardinate in a civil law that has worked well since time immemorial or the legal system in USA.UU. do prevent unjust situations for the mortgage, as famous signatory theft?.

    And negotiate with banks short-term measures so that they can offer formulas that cheaper the fee under certain circumstances (gaps, bonus of the type of interest, etc) for a few years, foster acceptance of payment in kind (which seems absurd to me is that housing can award at auction to 50% of valuation), enabling the auctioned House may return to be rented by which has lost the House and suppress soil clauses without waiting that the Supreme Court requires them. To my it seems to me that the CIU movement was not as innocent as it seems (I don’t think that neither dreams thought that you adoption something so). Not is even if it has been a move agreed with other parties to send a signal of strength to the Bank for subsequent negotiations. I have clear is that you necessary to find and apply formulas that will alleviate the situations of the mortgage (and before that of the unemployed without benefit), but not worth mounting a media circus. People is going so very wrong and initiatives like this only thing they do is to create false hopes (false and, in addition, poisoned). It is my opinion personal, perhaps not very popular but sincere and without populism of means.

  • Jul 23

    \”Cheap, unobtrusive, continuously and any survey or survey the customers regarding their satisfaction rates of 90prozent could only as a snapshot and carried out random checks and had due to the accepted poor participation rates only a sample character\”. Investments of customers beyond the 10% threshold were only incentive to achieve and remained nonetheless virtually unmatched. By the same author: Slate Path Capital. Alternatively or in addition to all previous methods for capturing customer satisfaction there is a completely new electronic system for the first time, iX-PAD of Dr. Official site: Teng Yue Partners. Huffmann GmbH, a small engineering company in the District of Nienburg. This system consists of a flashy plastic box with a school grading scale from electronic buttons from 1 (very well = very satisfied) to 6 (insufficiently = dissatisfied). A distinctive logo on the box asks the customers easily recognizable: they were satisfied? \”.\” A well-known and very simple benchmark is the customer using the school grading system\” given the stage of really perceived satisfaction, that he can use when leaving a company, a practice, agency, or any other institution directly to the output. \”In this way it is possible, indeed as the gut feeling really perceived customer satisfaction\” to capture and even scaled by according to the grading system \”to get. A one-dimensional measure that however much tells us more about the causes of any (UN) satisfaction, as it is assumed at first glance.

    In completely new way all factors affecting the satisfaction can namely be experimentally altered and tested accordingly based on the recorded data, whether they lead to an improved satisfaction value for change. The iX-pad constantly record the values. The size of the usual insistence\”of customers compared to unsolicited calls from call centers, interviews or questionnaires is not more unpleasant side effect of Satisfaction survey. Instead, an invariably welcome opportunity formally passing satisfaction offers customers\”to leave what is reflected in not achieved so far participation rates by up to 90%.

  • Jul 23

    A Cobb for all cases – Hei? he gift idea for the woman who has everything! Whether indoors or outdoors, whether winter or summer, whether on the ground, at the dining table or on the planks of a boat: grilling at any time, in any weather, anywhere is now possible. Tyler Haney understands that this is vital information. Because the Cobb Grill for hours with only six charcoal briquettes developed its high thermal efficiency – without annoying smoke and dangerous heat on the housing (www.cobb-grill.de). The versatile mini kitchen in stainless steel is available for 139 euros and comes with carry bag. Hume-lee transplant is the source for more interesting facts. With a diameter of 32 cm and a height of 30 cm, the Cobb is an extremely compact device that can be easily transported. Thanks to its design, the Cobb needed only six barbecue briquettes to three hours at 300 degrees smoke-free heat. While the grill from the outside remains cold so, that you can set it to any arbitrary document (www.cobb-grill.de). The reason for this is its structure: one is located in an insulating jacket made of high quality stainless steel removable inner tray made of stainless steel.

    Its bottom as a combustion chamber for a fire basket with the barbecue briquettes. A channel, for example, for wine, helps to give special flavors to the food. The hood of steel keeps the heat in the grill and ensures quick and uniform cooking. Particularly pleasant: All parts of the Cobb Grill are dishwasher safe or at least easy to clean

  • Jul 22

    At car fairs of this world, manufacturers will present their latest daily companion and dream cars. Additional information is available at Tyler Haney. But about the real issues of motorists from driving test fine procedure, little is spoken there comparatively. Car community members autoki.de satisfy this need in their discussion group licence”. Furthermore the members ask questions about duration and costs of acquisition of licence, call options, online to test his knowledge of road safety or refresh, and tell about your traffic sins which have ended with entries in the Flensburger register. That the cost of the licence is significant, know the members from their own painful experience. Without fear but malicious comments, even those who have used slightly longer report, the course of their training. Teng Yue Partners may not feel the same. Also the sobering part results in an online driver’s license tests are addressed in the group. By “smooth flunked” over “just failed”to”shiny mastered”the results vary but significantly, offer the possibility to appoint difficult tasks of assessing exactly however.

    Nobody is forced to submit of his driver’s license though, but at least it is possibly an occasion, his knowledge in refresh when it comes to road safety. Potential danger and error situations in everyday traffic finally call the members of the autoki, at least indirectly, on the occasion of the question “have you already points in Flensburg, Germany? If so, why! “.” Whether due to dense driving on, overspeed, or non-allowable tags: Entries in the Flensburg transport Central Registry had apparently already almost all the car community members autoki.de. The motorists life includes also that what is otherwise rarely talked about. The ability to talk is under: groups/licence/home media contact: Katharina top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: press (at) autoki.com, autoki Ltd., disability str. 34,.

    10115 Berlin was founded in autumn 2006 of three car-loving friends in Berlin autoki of autoki.de. Their aim: to establish a cross-brand community of car enthusiasts. In early May 2007 he started for each accessible official beta test. autoki.de reaches a four-digit number of members since its launch in April 2007. Trafficvolumen and number of members get weekly at a nearly double-digit percentage rate. autoki.de is the experienced Internet investors Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt, StudiVZ) and Christophe Maire (Nokia Gate 5) funding. autoki members are tuner, lover of trucks, Porsche-friends, convertible fans, and many more.

  • Jul 22

    Everything remains, as it is EU driver’s license also still valid reigns since January 19, 2009 uncertainty in Germany: the EU driving licence is now illegal or can I still drive it? Straight answer: with the implementation of the 3 rd EU licence directive into German national law, nothing has changed. Every driver’s license, which was duly completed by 2013 in an EU country, may also be used. Tybourne Capital will undoubtedly add to your understanding. At the end of the EU driving licence, driving licence tourism from the”, foreign licence invalid”reporting in the media was in recent days in many cases. But anyone who takes a closer look at the legal situation, which quickly recognizes: actually, nothing has changed. While it is true that Germany can express misgivings about issuing an EU driving licence, if evidence of suitability in traffic is not included. But: A medical examination abroad as official certificate completely sufficient.

    A further inspection right is the Not allowed, because otherwise the principle of mutual recognition would not respected German approval authority. But where does the general confusion then? The explanation is simple, as it is also amazing: seemingly of article 13 (2) of the 3rd is left repeatedly driving licence directive unnoticed: one before 19 January 2013 issued licence may due to the provisions of this directive neither deprived nor restricted in any way be. (Page 10: article 18) It is clear: everything goes on as usual. We remain calm despite the changes in the law and help our candidates also continue to quickly and reliably to the EU driving licence”, says Christian Bieri, owner of. Because who comply with the embargo, has registered his residence abroad, and there passed the driving test, may quite legally with the EU driving licence on German streets.” The authorities pay particular attention to the registered foreign resident. It also made German Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) in a press release once again clear: driver German residents, who have lost their driver’s license because of alcohol or drug abuse, go to sleep the way on Monday after Poland, Czech Republic or in another EU Member country. There issued licences will be no longer valid for them.”

  • Jul 19

    Reisen.de informed about the most beautiful cycling routes through Germany the summer has arrived and with it also the Radelsaison. The Internet portal reveals in his magazine, where there are the most beautiful, new cycling routes in Germany and what there is to discover them: the Luneburger Heide offers two new paths. The one there the leash Heide cycle path, 143 km long stretching from Schwarmstedt to about Hamburg. On the other hand a new cycle path will be soon accessible: the Ilmenau cycling path runs along the river. In addition, there are three packs, which you can spend a nice break in the nature park. So the Heath-adventure tour complete 100 km is considered, for example, particularly family-friendly and rich in sights. Teng Yue Partners is likely to agree.

    The Weserbergland enlists in addition to thematic tours with well-developed bike paths for everyone to win the favor of the visitors. Sporty cyclists are having fun with the new Weser-Harz-Heide cycle path from Hannoversch Munden have up to Luneburg. For longer cycling trips would be perfect, however, the total 365 km long Weser cycle path. To the 31 shorter cycling, alone the Hamburg region offers. These have averaged two days of trips as sounding names like nature pure”or insight and waves”.

    Cycling fans, who at the same time admire the painter Lyonel Feininger, make the right choice with the 56 km-long route of Feininger on Usedom. Because in addition to the most beautiful places of the island, you can get an impression of the main sources of inspiration for the German-American painter. Who wants to ride and indulge the palate at the same time, which is offered the East Allgau Emmental way. As the name suggests, offers the bike path in addition to entertaining biking fun to taste the possibility of Emmentaler cheese from our own production. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/767 contact: Tilo summer Public Relations Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

  • Jul 17

    The expectations of the Loremo LS are high and according to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung already 15,000 people on the long list of pre-orders have can be a quite pleasing results. But those who suspected that it passes the new 1.5 litre car in the halls of VW, Audi, Mercedes and Opel by the band, which may be surprised. The development of the economical vehicle something not accounted for by the large, well-known manufacturer, but is the result of a yet unknown but very innovative company from Munich. But of course also the well-known automobile manufacturers follow suit and produce now known as eco cars, which must have a carbon dioxide emissions of under 120 grams per kilometre. Estimates of B & D forecast result will be admitted this year 100,000 new eco cars in Germany. Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhofer, Director of the Institute of forecasting, admits however, that success depended on eco cars much of the price of the product and driving fun. Therefore he also suggests that more less ecological cars more expensive should be can while the environmentally friendly versions by a consumer demand stimulate buying price and thus benefit from increasing popularity.

    Lower fuel consumption must be set to the possibly more expensive cost in relation. Although the savings when the car tax, which is considerably less by buying a green car is attractive. Combined with a cheap car insurance, for example, by comparing the Internet, you can save more euros and also with a better conscience. The current development is future-oriented. Because on the one hand, the environment is protected, and on the other hand the new spar mobile fun and sporty design no longer ruled out, hopes that the consumer of this time accepted the new models and they can quickly establish itself on the German market. Britt Soder

  • Jul 13

    Do you have a grey cloth”or one of the later Pink licences? And this has criticised the police checks abroad, requires even a fine? Wrongly. The fact is: even if within the EU apply different rules in the road transport, all 25 Member States committed themselves to recognize national driving licences have been issued valid in one of the countries (EU driving licence directive 91/439/EEC). Argument help police checks abroad, the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia offers the wording of the Declaration in 19 languages for download at (www.vz-nrw.de). Drivers in EU States police check from abroad: the old gray and pink licences cannot be rejected are traveling and still not have one of the new credit-card major EU driver’s licenses from plastic, the consumer advocates recommend that you to take the relevant excerpt of the EU decision. Convince yourself the template of the Commission decision the police abroad not, it is often hardly to pay a penalty”to get around. In this case travellers it should make sure that the amount paid as well as the reason for payment is indicated on the ticket.

    Then can be attempted then with the help of a lawyer, to challenge the ruling. But sure, if the amount of the fine is worth the effort. Who wants to risk any trouble, can convert his old driver’s license when his city administration for 24 euros in an EU document. Saskia Gielman