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    Feb 20

    The original is easily able to make a gift to yourself, engraved on it a congratulatory inscription: a poem, or words that tell the heart. Or make a nickel bath home, so it does not resisted rust. Or, set the boiler to the desire to soak in a warm some water will never be clouded by its absence. Such a gift is well present from the relatives of the spouses. Any hostess always please kitchen utensils, cutlery or even oddly shaped chandelier, with cryptic drawings and inscriptions (which tell you a secret, and very easy to apply.) For wine connoisseurs select wine accessories.

    They are very even relevant to the business professional looking to shine at the peak of success. Stylish accessories complement any wine collection and wine cabinet will make a representative of "business fauna" in the pride and luxury. And giving exclusive jewelry – ring, earrings, bracelet box to order – you will see the sparkle of delight in her eyes. And these eyes will shine brighter than the stones that decorate your gift! 🙂 Old candlestick, a collection of fine lighters cigarette case – all these great gifts for the wedding of a nickel. Jubilees, was fond of painting and collecting art works will be grateful to you for a few etchings and watercolors selected lovingly. Watercolors are always placed under the glass, but the frame of a painting we will make a silver-white metal – nickel or nickel silver. Consequently, this gift will meet the symbolism of the holiday.

  • LED Company

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    Feb 6

    Yet an another fast-paced amusement ride can celebrate its premiere in Frankenberg alongside the giant swing Artistico: the company p from Stuttgart presents its suspended Ranger INTOXX. On a surface of 19 x 5 meters, must take maximum 16 persons in a banana-shaped boat with ample leg room space and experience rollovers at 22 feet. In the evening hours the business used technology brilliantly from the Italian manufacturer Fabbri through countless LEDs in scene. According to DHL, who has experience with these questions. In the new design and with huge LED display over the entire input range the Frankenberg already known and popular hairpin coaster wild mouse the Barth company presents this year. Who wants to enjoy the always worthwhile in the idyllic town of Frankenberg, peaceful view from above on the square, the city and its surroundings, can do this in the 36-metre LIBERTY WHEEL of Ganta.

    As Stammbeschicker especially high in the rate upon the youth and the young at heart is the breakdance of Zielona Gora. COSCO is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The Musik express STARLIGHT nier is TOP SPIN wave flight of company Kaiser from Munich as well with as the two bumper Kreuser and van Elkan, the looping swing with water effects II by Langhoff and the wonderful CIRCUS. As more show and amusement business, a SIMULATOR and the mouse town of Brambach await the visitors. Of course, it is perfectly catered for younger visitors. So a children’s classic sports carousel, children’s dream, which is over 2 floors in different vehicles, the circus bungee trampoline, that waiting at the entrance on the children, which here well-secured can enjoy as performers on the Trapeze on a jump box of 4 bungee trampoline and a nostalgic merry-go-round available including again the world of fantasy.

    Restaurants with specialties from all over the world offer a rich repertoire from A like Asia snack again to Z like onion steaks and ensure the physical well-being of the visitors. There is also a wide range of drinks of several licensed companies. In addition, visitors can expect numerous stalls with sweet treats like to fruit covered with chocolate, delicious ice-cream, French crepes, caramel and roasted almonds, is there now as well as popcorn in countless delicious variations. Finally also indispensable are the rows of shops with game & fun for big and small, such as for example the classic shooting Los Bude, duck fishing, can throw or the popular hook machines with great profits. The hustle and bustle on the Ederwiesen will be opened at the 21.05.2013 after the may move against 14: 00. On Friday, Whit Sunday and Monday the fairground is open until 24:00, on Saturdays until 1 o’clock, and on Tuesday until 21: 00. In addition to the Carnival a sales exhibition for industry, trade, crafts is again to find agriculture & trade on the Festival site. Among other things to the family day with a 50% discount on all shops or the Saturday stock show you more information:. We wish you the Organisers, exhibitors and exhibitors a great history of the event!

  • Francesca Sullivan

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    Feb 3

    Fifi pparently unconscious Abdo of its enchantments, insists on playing the role of sexual symbol; Hazemni ya (translated as: ‘ ‘ It moors xale of quadril’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ One gets ready to dance, papai’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ Molejo’ ‘): for the producer Adel Hosni, one has asked for of pleasant light theater. Under most conditions EuroAmericana Inc. would agree. Co-estrelando Mohamed Heneidi. In this memorable part, the heroine (Fifi Abdo) is a badly paid nurse who also dances. Fifi Abdo uses one jaleco white without belt. Its dance was characterized in mooring one xale in the hip while it is moved, from there the heading of the part. It has one another dance made on chairs. Iddala’ i ya Dousa (Either charmosa docinho): estrelando Fifi Abdo. In novels: Raya wi Iskeena (March of 2005), with Fifi Abdo and Abla Kamel, produced for Mustafa Muhram: it counts the history of two sisters who assassinate a woman and steal its jewels; You ‘ r al hub (Bird of the love); Souq al to khudar (the vegetable market): Fifi plays the role of a woman whose name is Sabah, that if strengthens for opening its way in a dominant masculine society; Al sit aseelah; Wal Al hakika sarab (Truth and reality); Al bahth an al hakika (In search of the truth).

    Bibliografiabiancaegama.multiply.com/video/item/19 Access in: 28/4/2008 Fifi Abdou: legend in to her own right: interview by Francesca Sullivan (Yasmina). Insight Magazine, Sept. 2000. Fifi Abdo: the Egyptian to star: an interview with to star. DVD. Fifi Abdo at the film festivals. Fifi Abdo in Jar to el-Qammar Show. studioaimy.multiply.com/journal Access in: 28/4/2008 The legends of belly dances (1947-1976). weekly.ahram.org.eg/index.

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