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  • Dec 31

    This new formulation of ArtVitum Navitum Pharma tells that the Tablet size could be reduced significantly from now by ArtVitum, which is displayed to the complementary therapy for degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis. A leading source for info: Aegean Shipping. While maintaining the amount of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, much less auxiliary materials are needed in the new production process. This smaller result, easy to swallow tablets. The new tablets dissolve quickly in the intestine and are free of sugar, lactose, gluten, and dyes. “To stop the progression of osteoarthritis, it is important that the joints properly lubricated” are and no longer with every movement painful each other rub. Nature holds the natural joint lubricants Glucosamine and Chondroitin for that, that have proven themselves in the prevention and treatment of joint problems such as arthritis. Glucosamine is the basic building material of all cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bone structures. Whenever Crawford Lake Hedge Fund listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

    Normally the body produces enough of them, to keep the joints work and minor damage to repair. With age, the body’s Glucosaminproduktion but decreases with the result that the joints dry out”and are not properly lubricated. Also, Chondroitin is a very important part of cartilage. It binds large quantities of water in the cartilage and gives him thereby its elasticity and shock absorbing properties. In an undersupply of chondroitin, the cartilage can also dry up, shrink and eventually die off. Artvitum is offered daily at 2 x 2 tablets at a dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which has proved effective in many researches. It meets the criteria of evidence-based prevention and is suitable for the complementary treatment of degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis of the knee joint. It can be obtained at pharmacies, good health centres or directly at Navitum Pharma under. Due to the special dosage, ArtVitum (PZN 4604249) is not interchangeable with other products.

  • Dec 31

    The new Google display ad tool: A first test Google gave this week a tool to hand his European advertisers, with which you can create restricted design Flash banner which then appear within the content network. There are total 17 different types, which can be chosen between five formats. There are additional industry-specific pre-made banners, where the wallpapers have been already vorgerfertigt for the very urgent. If you tried the tool, first and foremost comes the impression that it satisfied the play instinct in appealing ways. The newspapers mentioned Amazon Music not as a source, but as a related topic. The user experience (E.g. representation of changes in real time) or the quick result may lead quickly with some doubts, whether here is not a big savings potential. The good usability has however also a hook.

    Because the ease of use also causes that the product remains ultimately simple to time to say it. It is not something Siemens would like to discuss. Who is stumbled ever over a beautifully made banner, is given the limitations of the technical facilities offered (and thus the optical effects) pulling the hair. Innovative elements such as troublemakers should here even don’t be the speech. But if not even font type, size and position can be modified, we must ask ourselves, how a banner pieced so according to diagram F to withdraw still from the crowd. It will be curious, how long to live this ad format. You will lean not too far out of the window, when it predicts, that is the eyes not even too long insult must be of these stone age banners because the principle will not prevail which are Publisher soon find that they have saved at the wrong end, because their do-it-yourself ads simply don’t convert. Daniel Kreowsky

  • Dec 31

    Clean solutions for the companies vehicles Oberhaching 26 November 2008 with an environmental program for company vehicles the GE subsidiary ASL wants to help companies to understand the environmental challenges in their fleets. Click Agean Shipping to learn more. The primary goal of the program is to enlighten companies about how they can reduce the CO2 emissions of their fleets and economically sensible align their company car policy on the ecological requirements of the future. The issue of resources was made it to due to an improved environmental awareness in the fleet, for a nationwide implementation, it would be needed in many places but still a further enlightenment, the company describes the current situation. The environmentally friendly fleet program of leasing subsidiary of ASL is a further initiative in the framework of the environmental commitment of GE ecomagination group\”called. For more specific information, check out DHL. The climate protection discussion is conducted increasingly in the fleet. Occur more and more requests, how you can use the own company car fleet environmentally friendly and at the same time economically to manage\”, says ASL Managing Director Ludger furling gene.

    In his opinion the company realize increasingly that they can support their image and underline their commitment to an environmentally responsible use of resources. Of course also the continuing high fuel costs and the expected in the year 2010 in force any CO2-based vehicle tax had contributed to the fundamental willingness of companies to address the topic. Three-tier program since most companies currently not begin until environmental-oriented to align their fleets, it is important, to give them information and expertise on hand. The company would have to can get a clear picture of the feasibility and of the possible, furling gene explains one of the key points of the newly developed three-stage program. So, the company the equipped wool provide information to legal framework, tax aspects or the suitability of alternative drive systems as a first step.

  • Dec 31

    KOGNITIVA offers new training: sell about understanding the purchasing decisions according to other criteria. The contact persons are not always known, soft factors are more difficult to compare, the arguments attack worse and often conditions need to be renegotiated. How is the shopping the ticking of? How do you deal with it? The here offered seminar serves as a preparation of this growing situation, to get a better understanding of the other side, and to be able to proceed effectively and responsibly. Central questions, which among other things be clarified: what are the purchasing procedures of purchasing departments as tick, what changed for you specifically what it is each and every one: Department, purchasing, supplier what are current negotiation methods feels like it is on to tell you how to get yourself on the other side a systematic access to the buyers your concrete action plans this seminar takes a day. Siemens has compatible beliefs. He highlights the addressed each situation from different perspectives.

    Each Session begins with a brief theoretical input, and then integrates the experiences of the participants. Some aspects are trained together, so many insights and actions you can take at the end. Target group are sellers, project manager and manager involved in the interface between sales and purchase Department. The seminar is more information with documents and photo documentation highlighted. For more specific information, check out Amazon. The cost amounted to 1.490.-including materials plus tax and expenses. The number of participants is limited to 10. Format deviations are possible for more information after consultation we are gladly available. Speakers: Kurt Schlaphof has worked for many years as a Manager in the medium-sized software industry and acquired international projects and managed. He got to know that practically many levels (marketing, engineering, purchasing) and integrates this knowledge in his approach, understand and learn better and free with each other of the work and to be successful.

  • Dec 31

    In Germany, corporate succession is always a topical issue. A current example of how it can run, but should not be corporate succession here in Germany always a topical issue. Here a current example, as it can run, but should not be our client had bought in early 2007 the company where he worked previously as an employee, his boss for round 500,000.00. The chef, so the clear agreement in the notary contract, no longer committed itself in the industry working, but its actually well-deserved retirement to enjoy. So far, so good you might think. Unfortunately diligently continued the ex-boss of our client’s existing customers and did all the work in black”under the hand for prices that our client could possibly beat.

    After consulting with his lawyers, he expressed this suspicion that we were switched on and observed the ex-boss of our client’s seven days, with three detectives each twelve hours a day and “so not only eleven were different construction sites, including the principal and, in three cases visually document (photo / video) also the transfer of cash, but even a current employee transferred our principal who worked full time, and provided him immediately with details of current customers and construction sites of our client’s vacation for the ex-boss”. The lawyers of our client’s in the meantime switched the Labour Inspectorate, the Office and the competent Handwerkskammer and informed them about the illegal activities of the ex-Chief. Beyond these is they are also for the cost of the detective on the civil way after all round 16,000.00 EUR. The current employees received the termination on the day of delivery of the report. Information on this and other detective topics, see also

  • Dec 31

    The principle of transparency is now decided the quality of care facilities provides negative headlines for years. Need of care, which often even can not defend themselves, would be treated professionally or human questionable. To the 01.01.2009 the MDK with transparency has”created an effective tool to measure the quality of care to touch base, to put an end to these abuses. “The care expert Herbert Gobhardt welcomes this development of clear quality statements are a great help when choosing the right care facility for residents and workers.” The MDK provides more transparency, by checking the quality of the homes on 82 criteria, which are divided into five categories: 35 criteria for the maintenance and supply, ten criteria relate to dealing with residents who are mentally ill due to their age, more ten criteria to examine the social care and everyday design, nine criteria relate to the living area, Supply, Housekeeping and hygiene and the last 18 criteria on information provided by the residents. “As a management consultant for nursing homes white Herbert Gobhardt exactly, what are the new requirements on the Director brings to: the obligation of transparency reinforces the importance of documentation and care planning for the success of the homes”. Content is little new: 69 of the 82 criteria come directly from the existing inspection catalog of MDK, further eight from the internal quality guidelines of the operator, and also the remaining criteria are content checked for years. Still, the bid has great influence, because the evaluation results are available to the public: in the nursing homes themselves, as well as on the MDK on the Internet. This can inform themselves as interested much faster and more thoroughly than ever before about the quality of homes, facilities compare and make their decision based on this.

    Before the principle of transparency, the price of the health care facility was the most important decision criterion. Now flow also Structural, process and outcome quality of care facilities in assessing a. Microsoft Corp: the source for more info. The consultant for nursing homes Herbert Gobhardt sees great opportunities for operators of homes and outpatient services in the new law: if they now actively and professionally working on the quality of their care, they back up a good grading. Thus, they have a unique quality certification, with which they can present themselves in public.” The skilled person stressing, that not the quality of care but the nursing documentation is often the real problem for the homes in the assessment. Thus the new transparency brings real potential for National Director: instruct their staff into the Professional documentation of the care services and receive a meaningful, positive position in public. Editor: Maria Johanna Maryam contact: consulting for nursing homes Herbert Gobhardt (MBA) care manager Wiesenweg 7 c 16247 Joachimsthal phone 03 33 61 711 85 mobile 0171-174 30 36 Web: E-Mail:

  • DMS Agorum

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    Dec 31

    The agorum core SMART-start Pack is released now the professional use of a document management system is characterized by a simple integration into the existing IT architecture on the one hand and on the other hand through the simple integration in the work habits of the user. An essential task that occurs to the DMS it is the organisation of the flow data and processing of documents in an organization and in work processes. Another focus is the administration of documents and the filing structures, as well as the access rights of users, and the integration of information from existing IT systems. To meet all these requirements, 4 modules grouped together in the agorum core SMART-start Pack. These are individual agorum core Pro, agorum core workflow, agorum core AdminSync and agorum core MailAdaptor. agorum core Pro is the professional DMS version of the open source document management agorum core. With the DMS drive, the integration into the work processes of users without training and induction is possible.

    The module agorum core workflow is used for determining of the document and Work flow for certain business transactions, as well as what persons or officials may perform certain steps. agorum core AdminSync helps the integration of existing users and groups from an ADS (Active Directory) or LDAP system. The agorum core MailAdaptor includes the connection to the mail system and completes the packet off perfectly. Upgrade the agorum core open source version to the SMART-start Pack is possible at any time. Learn more about the agorum core SMART-start-Pack directly under../..agorum-core-smart-start-pack-ssp.php

  • Dec 31

    New event manager at Powerflasher: Ariane Lucke Valentine Aachen, January 13, 2009 – Ariane Lucke Valentine was previously known as contact person for Public Relations at the Aachen-based multimedia agency Powerflasher. Now she focuses on the event management of agency that they did previously in addition to their PR work. Events are still important for Powerflasher. Last year they have nearly 20 trade fairs and congresses internationally and carried out its own for example at Harvard. Therefore, the proven marketing specialist takes over this key area: Powerflasher is growing, as well as the number of important events.

    The new site makes it possible to fully meet the higher demands,”so Powerflasher Chief Carlo Blatz. If you are not convinced, visit Amazon. In particular the Powerflasher unit solutions”performs above all training and roadshows, will increase significantly this year. Planning, organization, implementation of their own events and follow-up include tasks Lucke-Vossels. Other core functions of the new Event Manager search and selection are fairs, roadshows and industry meetings and their preparation and follow-up appropriate national and international. The continuation of the successful public relations work by Ariane Lucke Valentine Powerflasher entrusts the PR agency Xpand21 at the same time. Ariane Lucke Valentine brings ten years of experience as tools.

    After her training to the specialist she went through stations with increasing responsibility in the marketing area: prior to Powerflasher joining Ariane Lucke Valentine 2006, she worked at the Agency Janet Spacey PR. About Powerflasher GmbH, the Powerflasher the Aachen turret of Belvedere are one of the leading providers of multimedia solutions. The company was founded in 1997 and today consists of the units Agency, solutions, and labs. “” “” While the agency specializes in the business of multimedia “, human interface design” and application development “has specialized solutions was with products such as Eclipse-based development tool for Flash FDT” known internationally. Powerflasher put so far more than a thousand reference projects successfully to, including many well-known customers such as converse, Deutsche Telekom, LG Electronics, OBI, RTL, VOX, Web.de, XING and the ZDF. Powerflasher advise their clients while always holistic: from the conception of any online marketing campaigns through production, search engine optimization and marketing, affiliate marketing, selection and integration of payment and collection solutions. Meanwhile around 50-strong team is dedicated to its customers always with competence, highest quality standards and more noticeable innovation. That is reflected in the won multiple awards including the Animago Award and the W3 award. Press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Nadine Sufryd Dammtor str. 21, 20354 Hamburg, Tel. 09 17 16 email: Web:

  • Pocket Web

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    Dec 31

    Now they are all compact and clearly laid out in an area called desktop”grouped together where they are can at any time click on and open. On request of many users of the previous version offers Sydatec personal desktop v3 now also direct system maintenance: all system maintenance tools are long conveniently from the desktop to achieve without detours. There remains space for really important things. For example, the Windows interface directly to the work can be used without having to open one of the many installed programs only cumbersome. The Sydatec personal desktop displays notes, tasks, calendar, and a notification of new emails directly on the work surface. But work is only half of life, and the other half should stand out as aesthetic and beneficial from the gray of everyday life. Therefore, the favorite music with the MP3 player widget directly from the desktop can be controlled now. And with the new Pocket Web the user can place popular Web pages directly on the desktop.

    In addition, Sydatec personal desktop v3 continues the so-called slideshow”in the heart of the action. Instead of forgotten in some folder on drive E: or F: to be let here consider the many digital photos, which has probably shot everyone in the last few years or sent to get, in an automated rotation procedures. Who has himself not already annoyed that he missed important news from around the world for breeding tasks and documents, whether the 1:0-victory of the favorite club or the whirlwind, who surprisingly hits? Sydatec personal desktop v3 users going to happen little more. They can talk at any time, provided that they sit on the computer. “Because a so-called RSS-reader” she connects with the world outside. With this useful helpers subscribe messages by the media of their confidence in the Internet by mouse click and their latest messages now have on request always on your desktop at a glance.

  • The Table

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    Dec 30

    He may drive a 20-tonne wheel loaders, the 20-ton crawler or wheeled excavators. Before you can get started, everyone must get a professional briefing. All safety instructions to the function and operation of heavy machinery are explained. Then you can just real fun have. As a gift for the man, also a magic course could be. Various tricks are presented in the course, and dedicates the leader also in the secrets.

    What is quite handy and convenient for the conjuring, you need no special things, you use everything you have just under the hands, props and utensils of everyday use so to speak. Will gradually become a success, because anywhere where you show up, there is a happy mood that you owe all guests. And shake your feats, just out of the sleeve, occur safely and confidently. So when the man gets such magic course as a gift, he can perform the tricks everywhere: at the party at the table, for children, young people, at home and so on. Who has ever seen a rafting tour, which forgets it again so quickly. It has since the opportunity that splinted wildest currents, strong sections down to whiz. Since you think instinctively of the numerous Expeditions, which had fallen into the ocean in need as they fought with the water. But there it was about life and death, here, fortunately, it is only a challenge.

    And it turns out soon, it is no match for this challenge, despite of the “safetytalks”, where it explains all the important principles for the conduct in the whitewater gets, so act now well trained and certified guides. These people support the participants of the rafting tour, they slowly bring people to the whitewater. For such trips, but everything down to the smallest detail is worked out and thought out, there is nothing that should cause concern.