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  • May 31

    More and more people lately trying to ensure their financial independence from the recurring troubles in our country through the World Wide Web, which allows you to organize your own online business. This business requires first and foremost educated marketing activities aimed at promoting the site in order to attract a large number of visitors to your resource. Site Promotion is intended not only to attract to your site as many visitors. The essence of quality marketing through various pr activities is to attract just those visitors who are interested in purchasing goods or services offered on the site. It reminds me of a preachy story, thought-provoking about the features of Internet marketing. One woman, a very famous marketer, who worked in a fairly serious firm, decided to try his hand in the field of business on the web (in her company got into difficulties due to the financial crisis). Please visit Keith Yamashita if you seek more information. Since the woman was truly competent and confident in their abilities marketing professional, achieving effective results in the real world "live" business outside the Network, promote your website it had decided to produce their own, without the involvement of professionals from online agencies. She acted on the basic marketing principle that has always worked and got the necessary results.

    The main purpose of marketing (Internet marketing is also not is an exception) – this is a profit in this vein it and made all the pr campaigns and other actions aimed at promoting the site. Business woman acted on the thumb track, bring the expected results in real business. Her pr campaign really raised the attendance of the resource, but at the same time, growth in sales of the offered goods are absolutely not observed – the visitors came to the site, were delighted with its performance and content, even leave positive feedback in the guest book, but just did not make purchases. Fixated on the issue of profit (and this is what its always been taught, and that is how it always worked), the marketer did not take into account the fact that the increase in attendance of the project does not mean that the visitor will be something to buy. An experienced Internet agency, offering high-quality website promotion, could in a few words to explain to her that important in network marketing is not lured by any means, and means the greatest possible number of people on your site. Mainly in internet marketing is to attract exactly the target audience that is interested in this product. In other words, the marketer is not able to ensure a flow of potential buyers, most of whom want to learn something new about your product or service and it is to buy them, not to stare. This story I think, have thoughts newly online business whether to attempt to self-promote his project.

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  • Foucault

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    May 30

    A form to breach the globalizado thought, and to cause the discontinuity is to value the traditions of the past. Tiggany & Co. is likely to agree. The current historical context does not have to enxergar the old times as only saudosismo of a time that is not applied in the gift, but in contrast, designer, the company and the society as a whole must enxergar in the past the motivation and solution of the effective problems. ' ' The past that emerges in these cases is extraordinary a social and cultural resource, absolutely brought up to date. It is the value of the socialidade of neighborhood that becomes in them capable to again bring life and security to our quarters and cities. It is the respect for the climatic stations and the local food production that can reorganize the unsustainable net of supply and current distribution. It is the sharing that it becomes in them capable to reduce the weight of the individual acquisition of equipment, without renouncing to the functionalities that desejamos' ' (MANZINI, 2008 p.66) Foucault (2009, p.52) still denotes the existence of the rarefao of the speech, what it implies directly in the assumption of an uninterrupted speech.

    It also fortifies and bases the necessity of the discontinuity, where if he does not have to imagine covering imaginary something not said or impensado, then the discontinous speeches ' ' they must be treated as practical discontinous, that if crosses for times, but also they ignore or if excluem' ' (FOUCAULT, 2009 p.53) Soon, the discontinuity of the speech must be exercised by the ways that the capacity has to influence and to generate the speeches of the society. Graphical designer, through the resources advertising executives, possesss in hands a significant tool of contribution for the promotion of the support through the discontinous speech of the social and ambient responsibility. In accordance with Tavares (2005, p.24), the speech advertising executive is one of the instruments of social and reflected control of the dominant ideology, being dominant ideology the ideology of the ruling class (FIORIN, 1988 p.31 apud TAVARES, 2005 p.24).

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  • Perfection

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    May 23

    We are just itching – that’s how you want to fix everything and remake – to make what is “improper,” “correct”. And note that in evaluating these terms, they each will have its own criteria. Learn more at: Western Union. But I believe that all the imperfect world order around us – a minor problem, and must start each person with himself. Indeed, as says one well-known saying, if you can not change the situation, you must change the attitude towards it. Can determine what the modern employer is different from the employer five years ago? “Pre-crisis” employers have been more negligent or something.

    Now look for employees with more care to make money on the wind does not throw, because there is no excess, and that the productivity of the arrival of a new specialist to the staff immediately increased. And the candidates themselves something different from their “pre-crisis” colleagues? In principle, no. All the difference is only in the quantitative ratio, whereas before it was an advantage for candidates who themselves have dictated terms, then Now, with increased competition, a greater number of them are willing to accept the original requirements of the employer. Some non-standard case can recall from his experience? Believe me, non-standard cases enough. For example, recently in our agency asked the young man asking for help in finding employment in the appointed business center. This is a business center in the southeast of the capital, in my opinion, “Cube said yes, exactly,” Cube “. So So we were somewhat surprised – why it is so essential is the business center? The reasons for this were several. Our challenger was a follower of some Eastern religious schools.

    This business center, in his opinion, located to the laws of feng shui, which helps to work and contributes to prosperity, and the name “Cube” says the stability and balance. In addition, a business center located in twenty minutes from the residence of our bidder, which may help him to save time and free minutes, and maybe even hour to devote self-improvement and meditation. Interesting case. And what you have managed to help this young man? Yes, of course, now it works with your favorite business center and a regional manager in a company that sells water filters. This, incidentally, was also one of the conditions – to find a job that would bring benefit of the people. Let me thank you, Valeria, for an interesting interview and wish you success in your difficult work. Interviewed by Elena Pestina.

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  • May 11

    These actions are linked to a blind, concealment and integration. These actions are linked to a blind, concealment and integration. From a viewpoint of strategic action by organized crime, conceal and hide the story moves are an integration of action, when the “dirty money” return of the economy as an investment market. At this stage, it is rarely possible to recover the assets generated by illegal activities. Learn more at: Tiggany & Co.. In a context of worsening economic conditions of countries classified as “emerging” on all continents, there are three elements that can be highlighted: a) The fall in profitability of business, a world in which products are produced and services are called real economy; b) The increase in poverty in the world, with a deconstruction of the growing world of work; c) Lack of control of financial markets and capital flows, states and multilateral agencies like the World Bank (IBRD), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Trade Organization (WTO) and multilateral organizations linked United Nations (UN).

    Topics organized crime and money laundering are interconnected as always seems impossible to write about one without considering the other “(pitomba, 2003, p. 21). A fundamental part of the strategy of organized crime, laundering is always delicate illegal action that exposes a busy public authorities and officials. In the early 1990s, no AUGE of his ‘crusade’ against the Mafia, Judge Falcone to pay particular attention to the prevention and control of different (and creative) mechanisms used to launder Mafia: The drug trade requires recycling: It is impossible that the benefits of selling drugs to reach their beneficiaries through official channels.

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  • May 4

    First of all, let's define some terminology to talk to you in one language. Target visitor – a potential buyer of the goods advertised. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tiggany & Co.. Keyword (phrase) – a word or phrase user uses to find specific information in the search engine. Target audience – a group of individuals targeted by the advertising message and promotional events. The main and most important to the advertiser category of recipients of advertising appeal.

    Organic Results ("sickle" – from the English. SERP – Search Engine Result Page) – issuance of search results for any query, sorted by relevance. Thus, among a wide variety of different types Internet advertising are the following groups: Media advertising (banner), Contextual advertising, promotion in search engines (site promotion) Newsletter advertising. The other types of Internet advertising to some extent will relate to these four groups, or are not sufficiently significant. Just want to say a few words about the last group of advertising and no longer return to it. Newsletter advertising There are two types of ads targeted when the recipient knowingly agreed to the receipt of this distribution, and mass, better known as SPAM (sending of advertising messages for various types of communication channels without the consent of the to the addressee).

    Mailing of, first, takes a very small market share, and, secondly, often aimed at supporting older audience than attract new. Spam, in turn, is not a fully legitimate form of advertising, so it does not stop at will. In the same group of advertising "Newsletter ads" could be attributed, has become popular in recent years, viral marketing, but rather refers to marketing techniques (tools) than to advertising on the Internet.