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  • Dec 30

    On optimizing the contact center recently received much attention, but the "shadow" is outbound telephone calls. In general, this theme is undeservedly ignored, and yet in the western markets, many contact centers operate only in this direction Unfortunately, in the domestic market, the number of incoming and outgoing "calls" even comparable. At the same time, more and more examples of effective use of integration CRM-systems and contact center outbound telephone calls the most popular modes of outgoing outgoing calls in the contact center of today are the Preview and Predictive. These modes are well supported solutions from leading manufacturers contact centers in the world and to some extent used in the "trendy" designs a la crm + contact center." True Preview mode uses the second case, the most popular in connection with a simpler mechanism for implementation. Often instead of an outgoing call switching contact center in Preview mode, issue an ordinary auto dialing, which is installed on the pbx.

    Embodiments of the outgoing call switching in the contact center fairly well described in the post CRM-blog Alexander Shevtsov "Outgoing telephone calls in the contact center, so I will not dwell on this issue in detail I think that today, in the first place is to decide when to use the contact center for Outgoing call switching mode is Preview, but when Predictive. After frequent examples where outsourcing company, is trying to sell their services for outbound call switching without any sort of automated tools, and customer overpaying for your time "operator call center" without any reason. At the same time can not be viewed as a competitive advantage support contact center Predictive mode for outgoing calls on a small database of contacts. Outbound telephone calls in Preview mode should be used with a small number of operators contact center for a "discrete" stocks (canvassing). As confirmed by the practice, in this case (for provided a good training staff) effectiveness of call center operators can be 2-3 times higher than in the same group of agents without automation. Outbound telephone calls in the most expedient mode Predictive for mass of outgoing calls of a large group of clients at present in the contact center (or units involved in canvassing) 10 or more operators. For example, the regime has repeatedly argued Predictive efficiency in offices Collection.

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  • Dec 27

    Chinese Automobile Great Wall in conjunction with the Russian company Irito are planning to organize assembly manufacture of Chinese suv in Russia. The organizers intend to invest in the construction of at least $ 25 million The reason was the introduction of prohibitive duties on imported ready-made body. The planned volume of production cars – 5000 cars per year. Own assembly facility will be organized in Ramenskoye district of Moscow region. Here for two years in a row Mode screwdriver assembly produced two of the most popular suv in Russia, China Great Wall – Hover and suv G5. Hikmet Ersek often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 80% of all sales of Chinese car factory is precisely with these cars.

    On November 14, 2008 Act came into force on increase in duties on imported car bodies. If before tax amounted to 15% of the cost of the car, now it costs 5000 euros to the body. To bring the body has become unprofitable, the price of such cars is very much increased. Therefore, Chinese Concern Great Wall plans to organize assembly and painting of the body directly in Russia. This will keep prices for SUVs.

    But its Automobile Great Wall are unlikely to build in Alabuga. Last week it was announced the elimination of the plant joint venture Great Wall Alabuga Auto. But this enterprise Concern Great Wall had planned to produce up to 75 thousand cars per year. But the director of the Chinese automobile and have not received permission to conduct industrial assembly.

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  • Dec 25

    You want to be successful in life and business? I think nobody will say no. All want it, and that's fine. A man must be successful! We now talk about a very interesting point for success. This is what you say their mouths. It is very important that comes out of your mouth words of faith in the success or words of doubt and frustration. In your own words you build your future. Today, you've got what you said in your life yesterday.

    To see the future is about than today's dream, say it. Say with certainty that this will happen and be sure to expect. Waiting like a magnet that attracts the expected implementation. Do you understand me? Words have tremendous power. Word – it container filled with either destructive or creative force. Any phrase can carry a different emotional power and meaning. For example, you say to somebody: 'Come to me. " This expression can bring love or danger, the two quite the opposite emotional meaning (if I may say so).

    Do you feel that it contains, and that carries you to this container floor. Word can heal and words can kill. When God created the earth, He did it his word. Read more here: James Woolsey. All that we see with our eyes (the sun, moon, birds, animals, fish, plants, etc.) were created WORD. Only man was created in God's hands, everything else – the word! Now be careful. Man was created the image and likeness of God! What does this mean for us? This means that the word spoken by man, has the same creative power as God's word.

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  • Network Marketing

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    Dec 21

    To learn how to make money on the Internet does not say except that lazy. A leading source for info: Hikmet Ersek. With full responsibility I want to say, although I lazy (I hope in action:), but wrote a site dedicated to make money on the Internet. Site help beginners make money on the Internet can be found at. Each site is dedicated to the Internet – earnings, I am profoundly convinced, have a concerned reader. At the beginning of my online activity the average normal Internet user, in my subjective opinion, believes that the Internet can find the 'ball'. At the time, I also gave an extensive search for 'balls'.

    Thank God it did not last very long and I realized that nothing is investing nothing get. Realistically, you can earn on the Internet without your own website as well as using thereof, that it really is. Money on the internet without a website dedicated section of the website 'How to make money online without internet connection own website. " Here you can get a comprehensive info about affiliate programs and how to have an income from referrals. Get the initial data on kiberskvotterstve, learn how you can earn foreign registruya sites in the directories. Page of copywriting, translation, rewriting allows you to earn ipolzovat their talents in writing articles, translations from foreign languages, creative reworking already written articles, giving them originality. On this site you will be able to onakomitsya popular today earnings for file storage. A separate page is devoted to watching and wages paid advertising.

    While incomes for this method I do not recommend itself as a Many Internet users, dedicated to him in the past for almost a year. On this page is collected informations about the sites work in this area, from which I deduced the money. Home 'Open or another dummy? " dedicated network Marketing. I foresee accusations of those who believe network marketing raznovidnosttyu pyramid. When – and I was a categorical opponent of network marketing, but after reading about this way of earning realized that nothing reprehensible in network marketing do not. Considerations for this method earning a description of the book, which has turned my attitude towards network marketing – on the page. Earn on the Internet using a website – much more interesting. Section of the site 'Earnings on your own site' matches svom title. In a few pages in this section can be found in the following ways to earn: placing contextual advertising on pages of your website, selling links from it, selling information products, selling seats for this article. After reviewing the materials posted in the site beginner Internet – the user will be able, many of the proposed today how the Internet – earnings, to choose your suitable only way he or collection thereof. On the 'dawn' of my Internet – earnings, my eyes are not caught internally contradictory system does not pay. Therefore, I attempted to create their own. I managed to get it or not, to judge you. Welcome to my website.

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  • Modern Strategy

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    Dec 20

    The crisis in the education and upbringing did not arise suddenly. They strained and clearly evident in the early 80's. Their origins were laid in the early 30's, and they have already begun to show up in the 70 years that has been associated with decision-making the transition to universal secondary education, more challenging curricula for all and the apparent failure of a unified system of education, its failure to adapt to the challenges of the emerging dynamic post-industrial society. Additional information is available at James Woolsey. In the mid 60-ies of education in our country in many ways occupies a leading position in the world. We have reached a leading position in the depth and soundness of the educational programs, the quality of knowledge students have introduced universal secondary education.

    Very quickly going expansion of higher, secondary special and vocational education. Click Rob Daley for additional related pages. However, in subsequent years Our education system has lost momentum, we have ceased to notice rapid improvements in education in the leading Western countries and developing countries of the East. Growing social and economic contradictions within the country and educational system they did not react, because the education reform were cosmetic in nature, and the school remained largely formal and official. In society there is a complex process, whose results were apparent only in the mid 80's. Dramatically slowed the pace of economic development, there was a loss of previous ideological orientation, increased aggressiveness of the environment, social instability, has changed the nature of communication between people, which was associated with the loss of tradition of community, mutual help and mutual support.

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  • Dec 17

    So you’ve decided to start a business. But absolutely no idea how to start? Well, try to understand? And what do you think the most important moment in the beginning of business? Maybe the money or connections? I’ll tell you immediately if you think so, then nothing happens. This is of course very important, since without money and help you nothing will happen … but just not at first. Think, and what business you’d start having a million rubles and a friend somewhere in the administration of the city? Most likely, you would not have opened! Why do you also have a million! Or you do not have enough to even 4 million to open his case! The most important factor driving us to any dissatisfaction is! If you have no money, you want them to make money, no apartment – buy it, no love – finding it, and so on. Think, what do you miss? Maybe, just wonder relatives, who have always considered you a loser, money to travel around the world. Maybe something else? That person you need most? No matter what business you are going to do. Whether it’s business on the internet or without the use of the Internet.

    You will need to know that you want to get a result. Set a goal, mark it as accurately as possible. For example: I want to earn over $ … … months, years. In any case, you need to know where you go! Do not worry if you can not articulate exactly, process is still your plans will change. Having achieved some success, you can raise the bar, and, not having achieved, slightly lower it.

    So, what we do? 1. Motive 2. Purpose To get started you need to determine a motive. Why do you need business. We discussed above. Goal – we want to get a result? Think about what else is missing? Money! Tell you and you will be absolutely … wrong! Then you need an idea! What are you going to do to fulfill the dream of financial independence? What to do? Further follow knowledge. How are you going to build their financial independence? Well, at the end of the money. How much it will cost you.

  • Dec 16

    Press release of the Association of holistic management and personality coaching e. V. Others who may share this opinion include James Woolsey. For the quality of its members, the Association can holistic leadership and personality coaching e.V. four annual training, four annual cooperative supervision of its members present. This is the balance sheet in the third year of its existence. The members of which are many lone fighters in the market, appreciate that, as well as the professional exchange among colleagues at the regular meetings. The great interest of guests shows the importance of the offer. The Association Board of Directors hired especially for the quality of the offers of its members.

    The challenge here lies mainly in the different and highly individual coaching approaches of many coaches: one draws from the empathy of a career as an actress, another from his experience as an Executive of 120 employees, again another one from his success as a company founder, another came again and again as nutritionist on richer relationships in the lives of their clients, which was to clarify it, and again another realized that she could solve some vocal blockades of their students only through a personality-related coaching as a professional singing teacher. Again, another is a lawyer and is seen often in the situation that his clients need a much more comprehensive counseling, as the only legal Council. Coaching in that often appears as a secondary qualification, which is based on an other competence and supplemented these limits flowing with often and expanded. This is certainly useful, but almost incomparable makes many consulting and coach offerings. In this respect the quality assessment for the certification of many coaches not schematic questionnaires can be and present criteria to understand, but at best as an assessment after a lengthy interview by experienced other coaches. The Board of Directors of the Association attaches importance to such qualified applicant coaches interviews and gives Association certification only as an expression of such convincing passing interviews and in assessing that someone makes a sensible and competent consulting and coaching work, where he in sight has the overall well-being of its clients competently and comprehensively and strictly orientated works. With such an assessment, the Management Board before the judgment must be the other Member. By the way is an interesting insight: because coaches often other occasion to search and work here very differently by their respective professional and biographical approach, they are hardly to each other in competition.

    They are mostly visited by their clients for other reasons and found. If then added a holistic coaching, that pleases the clients and they have been lucky. Most had previously asked and searched. Holistic management and personality coaching e.V. Association

  • Dec 15

    Full availability makes the use of the cloud particularly attractive as operating model Frankfurt, April 25, 2013 – Arkadin, a world of service providers for location-independent cooperation, reported a growth in the area of video conferencing solutions by 90 percent for the past year in Europe. This growth is well above the average of the market of that could put only moderately. This result underscores the trend that more and more businesses have recognized the advantage of cloud based video conferencing, and this an increased use, to increase the efficiency of their processes for Arkadin. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as James Woolsey by clicking through. ArkadinVideo powered by Vidyo is such a cloud-based service that ideally serves the growing demand for quickly available, economic and mobile deployable face-to-face meeting solutions. The solution is offered in an easy to use desktop version: ArkadinVideo HD desktop.

    Arkadin has a traditional conference room system in the portfolio: ArkadinVideo HD room. This new generation of video conference solution can be used easily and requires minimal upfront investments. The high-resolution image enables realistic cooperation face to face, which the participants feeling they would sit together in a real meeting room. The demand for cloud based collaboration solutions is rapidly according to analysts. Cloud-based conferencing solutions such as ArkadinVideo offer a combination of high performance, easy availability and cost-effective use. This package of convincing advantages makes attractive even in an economically rather tense situation”the use of high-quality video conference solutions for small, medium and large companies all over the world, says IRA M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. Organizations who cannot do without the virtual cooperation on high-quality video support, and that shy away from large up-front investment, should consider the use of ArkadinVideo into account.” HLB International, a network of Chartered Accountants with offices in London and members in 100 countries, was looking for a high-quality solution for video conferencing.

  • Dec 13

    Again, the spring issue of the Hong Kong International lighting fair underlined that it belongs to the most important lighting trade fair in Asia. Again underscore the spring edition of the Hong Kong International lighting fair, that she to the main lighting trade fair in Asia belongs and meets the requirements of the markets to a large extent. The four-day industry event from 6 to 9 April attracted nearly 18,000 visitors at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, an increase of 18% over the previous year. 1.019 Exhibitors from 12 countries and regions showed presence – a new record number of exhibitors. For the first time, companies from England, Finland, Greece, India and Macau were represented. Many highlights, new exhibition zones the claim is obliged to provide optimal conditions for customer acquisition and product launches, the spring-light show presented three new exhibition zones: in the Hall of the display were the latest trends in the field of advertising, to see signs and lighting displays; world the world of chandeliers glittered with sparkling Crystal lamps and chandeliers of all stripes and all sizes. the small-order zone showed more than 1,000 lighting and electronics products from approximately 320 manufacturers and recorded approximately 6,000 visitors were about 12,000 requests.

    Other highlights included the Hall of Aurora, where 127 exhibitors presented over 140 high-quality brand in an exclusive ambience. And of course the Hall of LED and Green Lighting with a stunning range of modern LED lighting and technology. Energy-efficient technologies are still the dominant theme of the industry. International fair offer was as diverse as the exhibitors and visitors. The areas of commercial lighting, decorative lighting, lighting accessories, parts & components, as well as the business of IP zone found strong attention from the audience. Pure creativity: Hong Kong lighting design Competition that light can be more than functional lighting, quasi expression of personal lifestyle and artistic object, was equally clear at the beginning of the fair.

  • Dec 12

    The appealing, attractive presentation of goods is a huge opportunity to stand out from the competition for the customers purchase key and for a business. Heilbronn/Leingarten, 26 June 2013: The appealing, attractive presentation of goods is a huge opportunity to stand out from the competition for the customers purchase key and for a business. Promotional productions, which trigger emotions and seduce to buy, requiring skill and imagination. The goods should on the one hand in the Center and are perceived, on the other hand she should be integrated into an environment, raises positive associations when the customers. National security advisor wanted to know more. The Heinrich Woerner GmbH offers not only a wealth of various decorative items on, but also a wide range of unusual product presenters, which specifically draw attention to the product range for an atmospheric, experience-oriented presentation of goods. Wooden boxes in various designs are easy to stack and leave space together. Whether in the Vintagelook from lacquered wood with removable partitions, as all-purpose box set with lid in antique finish style or as a transport box with iron handles, natural or coloured: boxes are variable, decorative both small as to distribute even larger surfaces and can be used with a few hand movements for many product ranges. Also a jetty made of wood, real fruit and wine boxes with print or drawers in the vintage decor show an individual flair. If you would like to know more about Western Union, then click here.

    Natural, rustic arrangements succeed with Deco chairs from Birch wood, natural wood trunks, wood slices decaled stool with cube or with mesh plug-in, square wooden elements. Original ladders, ladder racks, a self-standing spiral staircase made of wood and metal or ancient barrows are absolutely outlandish presenter, providing perfect the goods in the focus of attention of the customer. Also original nostalgia-slide in different sizes and models are good for an imaginative decoration idea. The first impression is crucial. A related site: Hamdi Ulukaya refugees mentions similar findings. The customer with a mannequin and Impress showroom design, which raises epiphanies and remain curious customers. So he pleased and excited his shopping contrary can see.

    Inspired by unusual goods presenters to unique product performances.