The World and Modern Science

  • Dec 11

    Real growth in milk production and processing of high-quality dairy products today are a priority task of the state. Among the best ways to develop the dairy industry is very promising for Today is the modular construction of dairy plants (WMC), in particular, the shift from 500 to 20000 kg of milk. It is this way opens up opportunities for small businesses, with the main issue in making final decision on the construction of imc is the availability of raw materials, ie, guaranteed access to raw milk that has a competitive price. It is also desirable to assess its resources, not only during start-up plant operation, but also for the future (3-10 years). In addition to the number coming into the processing of milk should be the most complete information about the chemical composition and health indicators, the microbiological parameters. This information is necessary to select a range of wmc products, with the main criterion should be as guaranteed by the feasibility of the total generated output, ensuring acceptable rate of return (taking into account the repayment, if necessary, loans, investment opportunities in the further development of production).

    All calculations must take into account the logistics optimization. Any new business begins with a business plan, which must be taken into account as all sorts of nuances. A private investor with a relatively modest financial means, which plans to build a new mmc must understand the many facets of this problem and be able to analyze a large array of diverse information (technical, technological, economic, etc.) to select the most optimal business solution.

  • Dec 1

    A new theoretical construct in the hands of competent professionals is to lead organizations in a manner different from the conventional in order to make efficient, effective and genuine, or organizations administering such a way that they may become productive, achieve the objectives planned in a systematic and continuous, having a great social responsibility, to cultivate the ethics and morals in their performance and are organizations that ensure the greatest welfare of individuals to drive businesses and organizations that are trying this no sink in this turbulent sea of very turbulent waves, the product of serious crisis and the rapid changes that are living, especially in the world of social organizations.

    According to Geraldo Bjur Carvantes and Westley, readministration (or also called renewal administration) are the changes that are made within the company are scheduled to success. Taking into account the organizational structure and also the participation of those who up the company, based on a new administrative model describing the need to understand the context, cultural environments, political and legal importance of their mission and objectives, development of human resources and results. To make a new model is the following: decentralization of personnel management in an analysis note on the subject.