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    May 13

    A crucial role in a minimalist interior has a window. It should let into the room as much light and air, visually creating the illusion of space. Hence the choice of curtains. If the landscape outside the window has, you can not use the inner tulle, and do light colored curtains on both sides of the window opening. If the window is still in need of more detailed design, you should use ascetic Roman blinds or curtains panels of muted tones. The color palette of shades in a minimalist style is represented in mostly white, gray, milky flavor. On the other hand, can present a contrasting tone, usually in the form of a large figure.

    But we should remember that the figure will only fit into a simple – vertical and horizontal stripes, geometric shapes, flowers, executed in a primitive style – in short, everything that emphasize graphically and severe forms of curtains. Absolutely contraindicated in small intricate and colorful drawings, the abundance decorative details, and use accessories should be kept to a minimum (at it and minimalism). Fabrics can be as natural and totally synthetic. Natural Tacna more likely to be relevant in the design Rooms in ECO-style – a form of minimalism, which focuses on natural materials. Caution should be used classic fabrics such as velours, velvets, shinil, plush, brocade, etc. They are little suited for ascetic interior in the style of minimalism. At first glance, the curtains in a minimalist style is extremely simple and concise, but behind that simplicity hides the outer expensive materials and the most professional and responsible approach designer. And only in this combination is obtained harmonious design windows that integrate the entire interior into a unified whole.

    Minimalism – a way of life. Not for nothing in this style make out of their homes people are creative, original, self-sufficient. This style is bold radicals jaded boring luxury experiment. However, the minimalist can also be found in offices. Typically, companies that prefer a design interior, are the latest areas of activity, and wish to emphasize the dynamic of their own development and progressiveness.

  • CSS Programs

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    May 6

    If you're own knowledge of html, then began to try to install the templates already adapted dle_to_ucoz. There are many sites that are already adapted granular templates or scripts under ucoz. Often when you download a ready-made pattern is cleared you just follow the instructions to install it. Also on the site ucoz can install customized scripts with different systems such as Dle, wordPress and others who are at very low korektirovki significantly decorate your site and make it more functional. What else can you do to customize your site to Ucoz? For starters, you can also change the graphical elements of your site, such as the 'Crown copyright', 'logo' and etc.

    That's all you can either redraw itself if has sufficient knowledge of programs like Photoshop or other programs. Also, you can help personalize your site change styles in CSS files. Where to start adapting page is cleared the same principle, so does all tezhe for the other pages. 7. Fill the image in the site root folder 'images' and css files in a folder called 'CSS' That's actually all for now, in future articles we will describe in more detail that ikak adapt.

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