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  • Mar 7

    Repairs and construction are best left to professionals if you are, of course, interested in getting a quality result. All types of work include a range of different services that will not only create modern premises, but also to keep it intact for years to come, as well as guarantee the durability of all components and parts facilities. All work must always be conducted with full your agreement, completely satisfy all your needs and wishes, otherwise such work can not call the work of professionals. Repair of office, apartment, house, cottage. Before starting repairs, you must decide what kind of repair you needed.

    Repair of apartments, offices, cottages can be different in terms of complexity. Someone simply change the wallpaper, someone needs to lay ceramic tile, granite, mosaic, agglomerate, to lay out a panel or to decorate interior decor, but who wants to combine two rooms into one and for this we must carry one or more walls. Any repairs can be attributed to one species: Renovation, major repairs, redecoration, repair Exclusive. So what is the repair you choose? Eurorepair involves renovation of apartment, office or home in compliance with all European standards. Skilled craftsmen with experience in conducting eurorepair, carry out repairs at your premises and you get new premises meets all European standards of repair. If your home, office or apartment needs to be replaced communication, or you want to do redevelopment, clean walls and partitions, or vice versa divide a large room into several smaller area, then you need a major overhaul. Major repairs, depending on the complexity and amount of work may take a long time, but the result is not leave you indifferent.

    You will get private rooms, which will delight you for years. Redecorating – it's renovation, which does not require the replacement or rearrangement of communications facilities. Redecorating involves the replacement of wallpaper, doorways, for finishing walls, ceilings, replacement of floor coverings: ceramic tile, granite, mosaic, agglomerate, natural marble and granite and other cosmetic repair allows upgrade and transform any room at no additional cost and will take a minimum of time. Exclusive repair. The name speaks for itself. Most often, the exclusive repair – repair a flat, house or office to individual design project with high quality finishing materials. Exclusive repair is the most expensive and time-consuming type of repair. But the result exceeds all expectations! Tiling, mosaics, murals and dekorov.Vy purchased ceramic tile, porcelain stoneware (ceramic), mosaic, natural marble, granite, and now needs a master who professionally perform the required scope of work. Any of the finishing materials has its own features for laying, so the conduct of this work requires special knowledge and practical experience. It is important to use a suitable adhesive, grout, proper handling of the material after installation. In addition, stone surface should be flat and the adhesive must completely eliminate the formation of voids. Masters, or conductive tile mosaic work have to know all the nuances and tricks of this case, so with great care, choose the future masters. Otherwise it may happen that the tiles will lie crookedly, or crack in the processes that use manual. And the main thing is not to be confused with the repair of fire. After all, you will get a fresh new home or office, which will be made taking into account all of your design ideas.