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  • Sep 27

    The online auction site eBay is an excellent tool to make money online. Think of eBay as an online yard sale and shopping mall. If you want to start a business selling merchandise or sell what is cluttering your attic, eBay is the place. It is not difficult to learn to sell on eBay, in fact, the website has made the process downright simple. You will have access to a digital camera to upload images of your stuff on your auction site. Items with images sell quicker and for a higher price than those without.

    You’ll also find some auctions will be more successful than others. Many sellers choose to set their auctions to end a weekend instead of a weekday. These sellers have determined their auctions tend to elicit more bids during this time and that potential buyers are more in line. Also, consider the target audience for each of your auctions. You may want to set auctions of items with a younger audience to end later at night than others. The most important aspect of selling things on eBay is the actual product. Keep in mind, what you sell must be shipped to the buyer, so choose items that can cheaply and easily be mailed. Even though the buyer covers all shipping costs, many eBay users are hesitant to supply goods with high shipping costs. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the U.S. Postal Service or any other transit agency so you know all the shipping options in advance.

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